Euro extender
New & Improved Euro Extender - Penis extender device

If you are looking for a new penis extender and are trying to compare all of the extenders on the market you should consider the x4 labs.

The euro extender not only comes with the latest comfort strap technology but also comes with 2 different strength elongation springs for when you are an experienced user.

There are a some extenders around that only have a tension rate between 1200-1600, this is fine for a user that has just started to use a penis stretcher but people that have been using extenders for several weeks and months are more comfortable with using an extender can change the tension springs increase tension to up to 2500g of tension!!!!!!

No other penis extender on the market offers you this system of upgranding your extender while using it.

The euro extender also comes complete with a hygenic travel - toiletry bag for storing your extender.

You can see more information on the euro extender website.