penis comfort strap upgrade kit
Penis extenders have been around for many years. The first extenders were introduced around 1995.

The original extender, the Jes extender also known as "The Jes" along with other popular extenders like Andro extender all use a noose type system to grip the glans of the penis.

Although these types of extenders can be effective when used correctly they all have one downfall in common, Comfort. For any type of penis stretching device to work effectively it needs to be worn over long periods of time. Minimum of 4-6 hours at a time. I'm sure you will agree, if you are wearing any type of extender for this length of time then comfort must be one of the most important factors in deciding which extender to purchase. If you already own a noose type penis extender and have been looking at the comfort extenders on the market then look no further. We have the ultimate solution for anyone that already owns a noose type penis extender.

The Upgrade converter kit is a converter kit that will transform your noose type extender into a comfort strap penis extender.

Don't replace your current extender, simply upgrade your extender with the extender upgrade kit and save yourself up to 180!!!

Have you owned one of these noose type extenders and found out after a few weeks how uncomfortable they can be?

Are you one of thousands of users that stopped using there extender for this very reason!!.... Did you think you had wasted your hard earned cash on an extender that would no longer be used?

If the answer is yes then you need the comfort upgrade kit. The
Upgrade kit
You decide

There are other upgrade kits available so why should you purchase our Euro Extender upgrade kit?

Better value, it's simple. Other upgrade kits only give you the option to upgrade to the standard comfort strap. With our upgrade kit you will not only receive the comfort strap upgrade but you will also receive the velcro upgrade also. We regulary check the prices of our competitors upgrade kit, We do this to ensure the Euro extender Upgrade kit is always available at the lowest price offering you the best value for money.

Not sure if our upgrade kit will fit your extender?

No problem, our extender will fit 99% of extenders. You can check the list of compatible extenders here.

If you are currently considering purchasing a penis extender then before you part with your hard earned cash check our the tushy extender.

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